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Moving towards the future

Your reliable partner for building and operating state-of-the-art LNG refueling stations and supplying (bio)LNG to your customers.


  • Is your (knowledge) partner for (bio)LNG
  • Builds and operates an LNG infrastructure network
  • Makes the energy transition for heavy-duty trucks accessible with a wide range of accepted fuel cards

About PitPoint.LNG

We believe in energy transition in the transport sector, and therefore support in making the step towards more sustainable and cleaner fuels for heavy-duty road transport and inland waterway transport. A transition from LNG to bioLNG – one of the most promising sustainable solutions for the foreseeable future – is possible. With the use of existing vehicles, the (growing) LNG network, and the supply of bioLNG, together we can take a big step towards cleaner transport!


PitPoint.LNG is a joint venture between TotalEnergies Gas Mobility and SHV Energy that focuses on the development and operation of the LNG infrastructure for heavy-duty road transport and inland waterway transport. PitPoint.LNG currently operates eleven LNG stations for trucks in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany at valuable locations off important transport routes, and an LNG refueling station for inland waterway vessels in Cologne, Germany. PitPoint.LNG is working diligently to further develop new LNG truck and barge refueling stations in the before mentioned countries.

By means of innovation, cooperation and the sharing of knowledge and experience, PitPoint.LNG helps heavy-duty road transport and inland waterway transport making the transition to the more sustainable and cleaner fuel (bio)LNG.


Our focus is to make driving on (bio)LNG possible and accessible through a wide fuel card acceptance. We do not have our own fuel card and therefore everything is focused on supporting our partners as much as possible with communication and education about (bio)LNG and optimally functioning LNG refueling stations. With the goal of the highest customer satisfaction.


Our mission is to enable cleaner transport through a network of LNG stations and the supply of (bio)LNG in cooperation with our partners.

Station in the spotlight: Alsfeld

Free bockwurst sandwich in Alsfeld!


During the month of May we put a spotlight on our LNG station in Alsfeld (Autohof Pfefferhöhe, A5 – Exit 3).


After refueling LNG, you will receive a free bockwurst sandwich upon showing your refueling receipt!


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