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Instructions & safety

Refueling at PitPoint.LNG

Refueling LNG at PitPoint.LNG is easy, fast and safe. Our locations are unmanned, open 24/7, and equipped with refueling instructions in several languages.


Safety first!

We place high importance on safety. We therefore assume that drivers are aware of the safety rules. A few important things to consider:


  • Drivers must always wear their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while refueling; face mask, cryogenic gloves, long sleeves & trousers and closed-toe shoes.
  • The engine should be turned off and windows closed before the refuel process is started.
  • Phones are not allowed next to the dispenser.
  • Refueling during a thunderstorm is not allowed.
  • In case of malfunction, drivers should use the intercom to connect with our helpdesk (refer to our app for the correct helpdesk details)
  • Drivers must follow the detailed PitPoint.LNG refueling instructions available on site at all times to ensure a smooth refueling process (see buttons below for the instructions per location).
  • It is required to attend a refueling training course before refueling LNG. For online training, we recommend this training from the NGVA. Please note that due to a change in regulations, the responsibility of the training now lies with the transport company. For more details, see the PGS 33-1.1, or the Bio-LNG Platform.

Refueling instruction video

Watch here the refueling instruction video to visualize the process.