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LNG for heavy-duty road transport

Our LNG refuel stations for heavy-duty road transport in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany are located at valuable locations off important transport routes of Europe.


With a full tank of LNG, you can drive up to 1600 km. This makes the fuel very suitable for heavy transport. But there are more advantages:


(Bio)LNG as a truck fuel emits 15-80% less CO2*, up to 95% less particulate matter (PM10-), and up to 70% less nitrogen oxides (NOx)** compared to the European standards for new heavy-duty vehicles (Euro VI) using diesel. The use of bioLNG increases CO2 reduction by as much as 80%. Exhaust gases from natural gas engines are also free of other harmful and carcinogenic pollutants.


An LNG truck is additionally much quieter, the noise level of the engine drops by about 50%. This means that PIEK certification is allowed; perfect for nighttime deliveries in urban areas.

Accepted fuel cards

At our stations we accept the following fuel cards:


AS24, DCB Energy, DKV, E100, Eurowag, The Fuel Company (TFC), Caps Fuel Card (G&V), HAM, LNG Drive (Drive Systems), OnTurtle, Romac Fuels, TotalEnergies – Eurotrafic, UTA, Go Fuel Card (Wex) and Rolande.


View the location overview or our app for accepted cards per location.

The advantages summed up

  • 15-80% less CO2
  • 95% less PM10-
  • 70% less NOx
  • Free of other harmful and carcinogenic pollutants
  • Less noise pollution; night deliveries allowed

*NGVA Europe & Thinkstep study (2017) on the Greenhouse Gas Intensity of Natural Gas in Transport (2017)

**Sustainable Gas Institute, Can natural gas reduce emissions from transport?’ (2019)