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LNG Motion

The Directive 2014/94/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 October 2014 on the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure defines a common framework of measures for the deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure in the European Union in order to minimize dependence on oil and to migrate the environmental impact of transport. As part of this objective, the LNG Motion project has invested and studied the deployment of multiple LNG stations and LNG fueled trucks in Europe. LNG Motion aims to contribute to a large scale infrastructure for truck transport consisting of at least 400 operable LNG fueling stations and 20% LNG fueled trucks throughout the EU by the end of 2030.


PitPoint.LNG is the coordinator of the LNG Motion project responsible for the monitoring and management of all activities and tasks. PitPoint.LNG is also responsible for the deployment of the LNG refueling stations along the main road corridors throughout the Member States the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The LNG Motion project has resulted in a network of LNG refueling stations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany deployed by PitPoint.LNG. As part of the vision of the project, PitPoint.LNG will keep investing in the network of LNG refueling stations in those countries.